We’re very happy to welcome Teamspeak as Goskilla’s official voice supplier on a long-term agreement.

Teamspeak is a voice-over-internet protocol application that is dominating the voice communications market because of its quality of servers and reliability. Goskilla is now added to a list of companies that Teamspeak sponsors alongside the likes of the official Overwatch League.

It’s important that we provide our players and the community overall a space in which they can connect, play and enjoy without the worries of latency issues which can easily disrupt general conversation as well as the high stakes of competitive gaming at any level. 

Now we now have a space in which Goskilla will offer not only a hub for the community to play with their friends but also regular giveaways to show support to a few lucky gamers who actively connect and play. – Joseph Blewitt.

A long term agreement such as this strengthens the resources Goskilla has to offer as our brand has grown rapidly in the recent few months and we don’t predict it stopping any time soon. Be sure to use our server to win special prizes for loyal users.

Be sure to save the “Goskilla” server to your favourites and share with your friends!