Starting the Virtual Tournament “Il profumo dell’asfalto”.

Goskilla announces the partnership with Sim Speed ​​Room in the organization of the Profumo dell’asfalto contest.
This is how Il Profumo dell’asfalto was born, a contest that will involve a wide range of motorsport and Sim Racing players, stimulating their passion and their desire to race, through a training course that uses driving simulators. Through the Sim Speed ​​Room® web platform, players can build their own careers, just like Giancarlo Fisichella did at the beginning of his career, try new challenges and take part in private tests with karts, cars and single-seaters to participate in a talent scout.
The title of the contest takes up the title of the book written by Giancarlo Fisichella, with the collaboration of Carlo Baffi, The scent of the asphalt, published by Mondadori for the Sperling & Kupfer brand.
The contest conceived as a training course will be divided into several stages, online and on site starting from April until November. A continuous challenge to improve, with different and always new auto-monoposto-circuits combos, to climb the charts and confront new adversaries, just like Giancarlo Fisichella in his career, going through the various schools and categories: the Kart elementary, the middle school of the single-seaters and F.3, the DTM high school and the university of the F1 and then again, start a new university, Endurance GT3 with a new working method.
The Sim Speed ​​Room® web platform will be online, for Hot Lap sessions, with an auto-monoposto-circuit combo that will change every 5 days, to arrive at the On Site stage, of 1 or 2 days of “Special Event” that takes place held in the “Ssr Center Imola” with 4 driving simulator stations, at the Imola Racetrack Enzo and Dino Ferrari, If Imola Faenza Tourism Company, Piazza Ayrton Senna da Silva, 2.
In the “Special Events” in Imola, the participants will participate in a new challenge that will assign the score useful for the final classification.
On the scheduled dates, at the Ayrton Senna Conference Hall to be able to meet Giancarlo Fisichella, who will illustrate the book The perfume of the asphalt with insights into the chapters and anecdotes on the track.
In addition to Imola there are other On Site stages, such as in Modena from 17 to 19 May, at the Motor Sim Show as part of the Motor Valley Fest under the patronage of Federesports – Italian Federation e-Sports and in conjunction with the Italian GT Championship, at which Giancarlo Fisichella will participate with Jacques Villeneuve and Stefano Gai with Scuderia Baldini.
Goskilla as an eSport Organization, will give all the technical support necessary to identify the best talents, some of which will be officially included in a racing team to compete in the most important international competitions.