Coming off the back from the previous week’s success in PG Nationals we understood that this week would be one of the most important of the season. This week’s PG was the penultimate week meaning that it could decide the rest of the season for many teams.

In this week’s iteration of PG we took on Cyberground Gaming and MKERS, both of these teams on their day can take on any team. We also understood that MKERS was supposed to be the best team in the league and currently sat 1 place below us in the table.

Going into this week Cyberground sat in 7th but we understood that they were still dangerous on their day and this showed when they took an early 3-1 lead but after we reevaluated the situation we eventually managed to close out the game!

Our second match of this week’s PG we took on MKERS which was rumoured to be the game of the season, we went into the game with a fresh mentality and understood that it would be a tough game and this showed when MKERS took the early rounds with ease. After these early rounds, MKERS continued a high pace and high tempo in the game and although we put up more of a fight towards the end MKERS ended up taking the game 7-0.

After this weeks game, we get knocked off the number 1 spot by MKERS but we will continue to practice hard and hopefully in next weeks PG games we can retain that number 1 spot!

You can see the schedule on the official PG website#GOSKILLAGO



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