Goskilla collects our first tournament win in PUBG Mobile, ALTEL CYBER GAMES and Goskilla’s first win as an organization.

After recent high profile tournaments Goskilla has competed at we received a direct invite to finals among 3 other strong Kazakhstan teams; Bro Mobile Gaming, Arien & Marauders. We knew going into this competition that there was talent in the country and we knew that people would be eager to win and dethrone our team.

The competition began with everyone expecting Goskilla to be among the top teams competing for the title. Game 1 started well for us as we picked up a chicken dinner with 14 kills in 1 match which pushed us to a 25 point lead going into day 2. We began the 2nd day poorly with 2 14th placed finishes in the first 2 matches and with no chicken dinners we saw our lead from 25 points decrease to 17. The final day was tough as we knew we had to maintain the advantage but teams chasing picked up some big results meaning our lead was decreasing throughout the day. We managed to pick up a chicken dinner in the 2nd to last match to boost us further ahead, but Random Squad who were chasing us since the start ended up tying with Goskilla on 192 points. This caused the winner to be decided by kills total… GOSKILLA HAD MORE!

Goskilla collect the trophy and a healthy ₸4,000,000 (~$5,000).

At PMSC & PMCO we had to fight vs some of the best competition in the world and this challenged us like never before but we passed the test and proved we can compete. The Kazakhstan community is strong for PUBG Mobile so we expected to have tough matches in this competition as we find ourselves as one of the favourites and we’re happy to be successful here and show the people of Kazakhstan once more how strong our team is. – Askhat “Satsura” AKHMETBEK