Goskilla’s ambition has always been to do things differently from others. “Play different”, or “Think different” are some examples of the company philosophy promoted by Goskilla. Goskilla has always had the will to create female teams. This project was born from the awareness that girls, who represent about 40% of the market, have nothing to envy to boys in terms of ambition, will power, will to win and, above all, ability. Today, with great pride, we are happy to present the first female team in Goskilla:
Goskilla Amethyst. The team is committed to the game title PUBG Mobile and will take part in both women’s and mixed competitions at international level.
This team will be, from now on, a symbol of self-esteem, will, memory and self-control, all qualities belonging to Amethyst crystal.
We therefore welcome our Players:

Francescapia gskFRA De Rita
Maria gskSWAN Giles
Soós gskELYSIUM Dorottya
Lisa Marie gskLISA Angeli
Helena gskSNIPER Beltran
Asli gskLIYA Yavuz