Goskilla takes a very respectable top 8 placing at the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup in the Riyadh Front, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Going into this event on the back of our good performance at PMCO Malaysia the team knew we had to go 1 better and qualify for the Finals and truly put Kazakhstan among the best countries in the world.

Goskilla was placed in Group B – Global teams. Group A was the MENA teams (Middle Eastern & North African) This meant that we had to face off vs 15 of the best invited teams globally BEFORE reaching the Finals. A top 8 placement was required to make our dream come true and as one of the underdogs coming in and after not managing to make Finals at PMCO we had to come out with some solid performances to make this happen.

Group Play 12th-13th December

Day 1.
Game 1 began with our team positioning themselves well but we found ourselves down 3 players very quickly and this just left Gonzo as the last man standing. Not only was he able to stay alive for 10 minutes solo vs the best teams but he also picked up 4 essential kills (4 more points for Goskilla) and managed to stealth his way doing so to a top 3 finish!! We were stunned. The composure and importance of this response to extreme pressure was incredible and the casters couldn’t believe his patience and achievement as he found himself in the middle of the action for a long period of time. Game 2 was a less exciting affair in which we managed to add some more points to the table but most importantly maintain a top 6 position which put us in a good position for the 2nd day.

Day 2.
With teams such as Top Esports (2nd at PMCO Malaysia) and Team Unique (eventual winners) underperforming in Day 1 it meant that Goskilla had to get themselves at least 1 solid performance or 2 consistently good performances to guarantee the top 8 necessary to progress to Finals. Game 1 was THE game that in the end solidified our qualification where we took not just 5th place but also 7 kills, 4 from Gonzo, 2 from Qose. This meant we maintained our 6th position going into the last match. We needed to do just 1 thing, not have an instant knockout and this is exactly what happened. We went out first and took a 16th place finish in the last match meaning our future was relying on the best teams to pick up all the points and the lower teams to not. Slowly but surely the top teams started to eliminate the lower teams and there was hope, now we had to sit and rely on the kill points to decide if we qualified and… WE DID!!!! Our first finals with the team awaited us as we qualified in 7th place.

FINALS – 14th December

Now Goskilla is truly among top 8 teams invited globally. The 8 qualified teams from Group A – MENA joined us in the Finals filling out the 16 teams. This is a whole new pressure for our team as we look to make Kazakhstan proud and not allow the occasion to effect our preparation.

We put ourselves in a great position in the first 2 matches by finishing in 6th & 7th position but we took a huge setback when we took an early exit in game 3 where we were eliminated in 12th place. This was focus time for our players as they knew we couldn’t afford many more of those if we wanted to achieve a respectable placement. We took a vital 6th place in game 4 but this did not improve our position in 9th place as other teams around us were also gaining points. The final match of the PMSC World Cup would define if we would go home with pride, or disappointment. We got our best placement of the Finals with a 5th placed match and a solid 6 kills meaning we pushed ourselves into the top 8 of the World Cup!

PUBG has been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions since the very first game watching the team but they have something special about them and they continue to have solid performances competing vs top competition and I could not be prouder of them, they deserve this!

I’d like to thank PUBG, Tencent and Banana Culture for hosting such a wonderful event and we are happy to have represented Kazakhstan in such a positive way again.

– Joseph Blewitt, Brand Manager.

Goskilla has entertained an audience close to 10million in less than a month!

Live the moments once more via our Instagram linked here. 

Now the team heads back to Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan with great pride as we look forward to the next event, in just 1 week!