What a great debut season for Goskilla in the Italian Rocket Championship finishing 3rd!

We’d like to begin this summary with a thank you to our team who as of today have parted ways on great terms:

LUCA “Shuffleverse” PAPARATTI (sub)

I’m very happy with our opening season in a new esports title for us, this has only increased our passion for the game and the guys have acted like true professionals throughout. We saw some amazing moments from the guys and great comebacks that brought us much joy. On behalf of the management we wish them the best of luck in the future as we say goodbye on good terms. – Joseph Blewitt, Brand Manager.

Season Review

The season began in unfortunate circumstances with time being of the essence but despite this the overall placement & performance in our debut IRC season was great.

In the opening week we took on EMME Miscelators and Notorious Legion Esport, with this being the opening week we were ready for battle! In our first game we started confidently taking a swift 2-0 win vs EMME Miscelators, we then took on the challenge of Notorious Legion Esport forcing it to go the distance but eventually losing out in close knit fashion 2-1.

In the second week we took on HG Esports and Gin Tonici spliting the games 1-1, HG’s experience got the better of us but we bounced back vs Gin Tonici in the following match with a comeback to win 2-1.

In week 3 we were matched up vs Team WLF and Tricolor Arrows. Team WLF were ranked the #1 team at the time and were the team to beat and the team tried their best but it wasn’t enough. This then put us in a situation of a must win vs Tricolor Arrows and that we did in a very close match winning in 2 overtimes.

When week 4 came around we breezed past EMME Miscelators and Cocktails Dannati taking both games 2-0 with stand out performances from everyone among the Goskilla team. Coming of the back from the previous weeks games we went in with the same tempo and passion as the previous week but unfortunately lost to both HG and Notorious Legion Esport.

In week 5 we took the challenge of TeamWLF and Gin Tonnici where we lost out in both games with Gin Tonici slightly edging out Goskilla on the day.

In the penultimate week qualifying for playoffs was out of our control and it required sli-ups elsewhere. We took on the challenge of TriColorArrows and Cocktails Dannati where we split the two Games 1-1 but with other teams underperforming we qualified for playoffs guaranteeing a top 4 spot!

In the playoffs we were matched up vs eventual Playoff and season winners WLF in the Semi-Final where we suffered unfortunate connection issues and led to WLF dominating throughout. We then played the consolation match for 3rd/4th place and managed to upset HG to take home 3rd place in our debut season!

Stay tuned to our announcement coming soon via Twitter.