Goskilla Academy achieved what no-one expected this week, coming from the qualifiers and entering the competition as an underdog we faced clear favourites Mkers. Goskilla became the first team to beat Mkers in the PG Nationals for 4 seasons.

Going into the first match as underdogs vs a very accomplished Mkers team was going to be a great test for our young academy players. However they were performing fantastic up to that point and we felt a sense of confidence to prove people wrong that we could do what no-one has done season after season, and walk away with the victory. We began on the back foot but after a strong reset of focus we swiftly took the commanding position of being 6-2 with 1 more round to win. The winning score being 7-3!!

Our 2nd match of the week came against strong opponents of IGP. We understood this match to again be another big challenge and with our head in the clouds we started again very strong and took a 6-3 lead but small mistakes in communication and a good performance from IGP saw the match end in a fair draw.

The current PG leaderboard has Goskilla Academy sitting in 1st! Who would’ve thought?!

You can see the schedule on the official PG website. #GOSKILLAGO