Goskilla Academy has once again impressed in this week’s PG Nationals. After last weeks outstanding performance where we took on both QLASH and Samsung Morning Stars we looked to carry on the same momentum and tempo into this week’s games.

In this week’s iteration of PG we took on both Notorious Legion and Outplayed, both of these teams sat towards the lower part of the league table but we knew they still had the talent to bring the game to us.

Going into this week’s first game we entered the server with not only confidence but with chemistry and belief in each other and this showed in both games. We were familiar with both of these rosters but knew that there had been changes made to the Notorious Legion roster so they would make it as difficult as they could and this showed in the early round vs Notorious Legion where they contested the early rounds really well but we kept calm and composed and managed to close those tight rounds out. After this Notorious Legion began to find a rhythm bringing the score from 3-0 to 4-3 and it looked like it was destined to go the way of Notorious but Goskilla managed to clinch out until match point where we eventually closed the game out with Goose pulling off the 1v1.

Our second match saw us face off with Outplayed, where they took the first round flawlessly and started to apply pressure towards the Goskilla squad but we dealt with that pressure accordingly taking the game from 2-1 to 5-2 for the Goskilla. The game eventually ended 7-4 in favour of Goskilla which boded well for us, this still meant despite everyone’s expectations we still remained undefeated.

Goskilla still maintains the number 1 spot in the PG Nationals leaderboard

You can see the schedule on the official PG website#GOSKILLAGO