Goskilla Academy dominated once again in the 4th week of the PG Nationals. After a huge win in week 3 it was essential that we focused for our two upcoming opponents who were Samsung Morning Stars and Qlash.

Approaching our first match we had confidence in ourselves but there was no mistake with cogs beginning to turn in the Samsung Morning Stars camp with the arrivial of a new coach and an accomplished player that they would be a tough opponent to beat. This was definitely the case for the first 8 rounds where we traded round for round to what seemed like to be destined for a draw. However a mistake came from the SMS team and as our team pounced on this we gave ourselves the vital 2 round advantage that enabled us to take the map 7-4. A respectable result vs such a competitive opponent.

Our next match came against an opponent that previously we drew against in the opening match of the season Qlash. With our high confidence built since and great mood internally it was a moment for composure that we needed to focus and not underestimate our opponent. We had a slow start to the match with some carless moments which resulted in us having to focus more than normal but we were able to read our opponent clearly in the 2nd half of the match and take rounds back to back to win 7-3.

The PG Nationals leaderboard has Goskilla Academy retain our 1st spot!

You can see the schedule on the official PG website. #GOSKILLAGO