Goskilla is an Italian brand working in esports, entertainment and fashion. Goskilla inspires a strong work ethic that is reflected among our management, staff and players.

Our aim is to be an industry leader in esports, entertainment and fashion at a national level before 2021 and to be competing among the best gaming brands in Europe by 2023.

If you work hard, are passionate for the gaming industry and want to see how far you can get; there is more than likely an opportunity for you with Goskilla. Whether you are a company that’s interested in working with us to push your brand/product/service, a player looking for first class promotion as you grow in your esports career or a fan that wants to be a part of the Goskilla family to closely follow our players; Goskilla offers you a home.

Goskilla believes strongly that people should be rewarded for their work/services and that’s why the individuals attached to our brand receive the best support we can offer. Not only do we invest economically into our players, staff and fans but we invest our time and friendship. We understand the relationship dynamics that are needed for a healthy working environment and therefore when you are a part of Goskilla you do not just represent our brand but you are a member of our family.

Our motto is Play different. To play differently we create events where we can reproduce in real life what our players love to do in the virtual world.
For this reason, contests such as the “Profumo dell’Asfalto” are born, thanks to which, in addition to racing on PC first and on professional simulators afterwards, the best players pass from the LAN rooms to the track, driving real four-wheeled racing cars. Or for those who love military strategy games, in collaboration with real military forces we organize soft air campuses where players can try and discover the strategic skills in real contexts.


Goskilla operates in the esports industry because of our passion for competition. Esports is a unique industry where individuals are not chosen based off their physical appearance (this can be the case in a traditional work environment) but from their ability and how they apply themselves to the role.
For this reason we have created a network of talent scouts, observers, team managers who every day are looking for young people from Italy and all European nations who want to take on new challenges to make their dream come true, becoming professionals in esports.

Goskilla has a mission to promote a healthy living style and therefore we have huge plans for 2020 where not only our players will have opportunities to a healthy esports lifestyle but also our audience. Nutrition in esports is something we take very seriously and all our business decisions regarding the welfare of our players, staff and audience will be considering this.

Our motto is Play different. To play differently we want to provide our competitive talent an opportunity to experience a working environment that is healthy for mind and soul. With a supportive team of professionals to guide them and work with them as they represent Goskilla globally.


Entertainment in the gaming industry has always been important but is bigger and better than ever with the growth in popularity of content creation; this can be in the form of streams, video production or social media related work.

Goskilla understands the entertainment market that surrounds us all and therefore Goskilla has plans in 2020 to be making some high profile developments to not only give our partners an opportunity to have some exceptional people represent their companies through us on an International scale but also a hotspot for all Goskilla family members to watch, laugh and thoroughly enjoy the best content in Italy and beyond.

Our short term goals include providing our audience with a place for them to sit down an enjoy Goskilla content. This means we are deep in our research and looking for talent across video making platforms and streaming so we can bring the best entertainment the gaming industry has to offer.


As a proud Italian company we understand the role we have; to respect, represent and revitalise the gaming industry with our research, design and production for our apparel. Italian fashion is well known for its sophistication, elegant style and premium quality and this is something we are committed to bring to the gaming industry.

Things have have changed so much in the last 5 years for us. Previously gamers would attend events where their only focus was to play games and have fun, now they want to look good while doing so. Goskilla offers gamers this product where not only can they play the games they love but also be the best dressed individuals in the room with our carefully considered designs and excellent quality.

So, play different !