This weekend Goskilla competed in the PUBG Mobile Club Open as a wildcard team, going into this tournament we were considered to be one of the dark horses and all eyes were on us as we faced off vs some of the best teams in Asia.

Beginning our first ever LAN tournament was a nervous time but the players chemistry and skill soon gave us a win (WWCD (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)) in the 3rd match of the day. This was an incredible show from the players to not just compete with the competition but beat some very experienced players and teams. Our inconsistency proved to be our enemy on day 1 as we ended our debut day in a respectable 10th place with 48 points.

Day 2 began with a fresh mindset knowing that we didn’t perform to our best but with the WWCD we had enough points to begin the climb up the rankings. Noticing the pace of the matches had changed we had to adapt, the competition was getting spicy and the tempo increased and we capitalised on this with another win in Match 8. Accompanied by a good overall day performance we finished the day in 4th place with a strong 123 points still keeping us within contention for those top 3 spots to qualify for the Grand Finals.


All was riding on Day 3 as there was 7 or 8 teams within reach of qualifying in that crucial 3rd spot. Even though we were 1 point from first it would require us having some consistent top finishes to have the chance to reach Grand Finals. Unfortunately our day began slowly with an 11th placed finish, followed by 5th and 14th. This meant we had to get some huge performances from our remaining matches to even stand a chance and we managed to do so momentarily in game 16 and 17 when we placed a respectable 3rd and 3rd. We were then the team to beat and every team had us in their sights, this led to us being focused on and we took an early exit in the final game and overall a respectable 5th place.

Goskilla is very proud of the team for their competitive spirit and skill displayed during their debut offline event, of course we did not achieve the high target we were aiming for but we certainly won the hearts of 6.5 Million PUBG fans watching from North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

We would like to thank all of those who supported us as we bring this energy representing Kazakhstan to the next event!

Thank you all for your support the last 3 days of #PMCO2019 and we hope we represented Kazahstan well at our first @pubgesports Mobile event, now we look towards Saudi Arabia on 12th December! – Askhat “Satsura”.
Хотим выразить огромную благодарность за вашу поддержку в последние 3 дня Prelim-ов PMCO 2019 , мы старались достойно представить Казахстан на нашем первом ЛАН турнире , а у нас начинается подготовка к турниру Star Challenge который пройдет в Саудовской Аравии 12 декабря!


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