Goskilla Academy got off to a decent start to the season as our organization begun our debut season of the PG.

The first match for Goskilla did not go according to plan as we allowed small mistakes mostly due to nerves get the better of us and before we knew we were 6-5 down and facing an opening loss to Qlash. Trusting our team was the right thing as they managed to refocus and take the next 2 rounds and rescue a point from the match getting the draw 7-7.

Our 2nd match of the PG was vs Notorious Legion. This was our first on-paper challenge and therefore we needed to take an entire new approach to the match following yesterday’s result. Unfortunately before the match we had announced a player being benched and therefore a staff member and avid gamer Sky substituted in for the match. These factors were all against us going into the match but even so we managed to pull of the 7-5 victory and defeat the NLE who came 2nd in the previous season. A great result.

The current PG leaderboard has Goskilla Academy sitting in 4th! Let’s hope for more consistency next week!

Check out the highlights of our matches below and you can see the schedule on the official PG website. #GOSKILLAGO